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We are not taking changes particularly well…

We are not taking changes particularly well…

Lauren is in Barcelona with me!

Barcelona is so comfortable. It reminds me of Southern California, with the city aspects of SF and NY. Beach culture, gothic architecture, chill people, amazing food, and a slower pace. My favorite so far.

Rome has been redeemed. We happened to come to Rome during Italy’s Indian summer, so its rather underwhelming nature coupled with awful weather had made us pretty cranky. Today’s our last day in Rome, so instead of trying to enjoy the city center, per Shan’s research, we took the metro down a couple stops and visited Trastevere, which is a part of Rome that has the small, quaint little town feel that we’ve been craving. It was really beautiful, and now I can leave Rome a happy person.

I was so sad to leave Florence. I wrote an entry on Florence last night, but somehow it didn’t upload and I guess it’s floating somewhere around the interweb. When I first got to Rome today, it felt humid, hot, dirty, and underwhelming. Shan and I felt “over-it” after walking to the Spanish Steps - mostly because everything we tried to see today is under construction. But then - we bought hop on/off tickets for the city and decided to get an overview of what’s out there. Rome is definitely not quaint and sweet, but it sure is pretty freaking epic. Driving through Ancient Rome was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see it more closely.


You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of us

We made it to Florence! There is something ordinary about Florence that I love (of course “ordinary” is relative to Europe, not the States). There’s tons of shopping, foot traffic, food, and gelaterias for days, but also a grounded sense that Venice didn’t have. There’s so much texture everywhere, even if it’s just a ratty door that’s naturally aged over the years.

We wrapped things up in Venice today by aimlessly meandering and eating this and that. I found a shimmery macaron that may have tasted better than Laudurée (it’s too hyped). Second picture from the bottom is the entrance to our hostel. Quite lovely indeed. I love the tiles here - simple but perfect!

No no, Venice is the place for lovers. Everything here looks so artificial, except that it isn’t, really. It’s unreal how photogenic it is here. The whole city is infested with tourist traps, but today, Shan and I wandered into Cannereggio to get away from the crowd, in search of a particular coffee shop. We definitely walked for miles, but it was worth it! We finally tried Italian gelato, and it was money. Also, people here actually hang their laundry on clotheslines.

We said goodbye to Paris, and hello to Venice. Everything here looks fake? It’s flippin’ gorgeous, but it throws me off because I feel like it’s like an amusement park that’s been built to mimic the actual Venice. But this is the real thing! There are so many tourists here, that I’m uncertain how to make the experience more authentic. I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow.